Railscasts rocks!

Another great discovery: railscasts.com. Over 73 small video podcats on different hints for Ruby on Rails. If you are a beginner or a senior RoR developper, you will for sure learn something from those podcasts. They are also accessible through iTunes, so you can subscribe to the podcast and have them sent to your iPod or iPhone. Thanks to Francois Beausoleil for the hint.

iPhone review


It’s been a week now that I have my iPhone. Like oncle Tom would say, it is simply “unnnnnbelievable”. Like mac OS X, everything is really well integrated. You see a phone number on a web page, in your adress book, in an SMS message and you simply click on it to make a call. Same thing with an e-mail address.

Talking about email: you can set up multiple accounts (POP, IMAP) and it just works! If you configure them to send your emails through AuthSmtp.com instead of your ISP relay, you can then send e-mails from anywhere in the world, as long as you are on a WiFi network.

The YouTube app is really addictive: easy to navigate and use, and the video quality matches the one on a regular PC.

The web browser (Safari) is a lot better than I thought. The screen being smaller than my Nokia n800, I had a fear that it would be really hard to read and interact with the web site. But the browser has an amazing intelligent zooming feature: when you double-click on a page area, it analyses the HTML code and will zoom just enough so that the element is properly shown within the screen. So if you double-click on a table cell, the browser will zoom that cell. You can then swipe your finger up and down to scroll the page, and this is also well done: the movement is processed so that the scrolling follows an axis. Good job Apple!

But the best is the sync feature. If you are on a Mac, it is transparent. You can sync ALL your contacts (not just a few of them), same thing with your iCal appointments. And if you have long notes in an appointment, it will transfer! And if you want, it can even synchronize your Safari bookmarks.

And….the screen does not scratch…. finally!

But, there are a few things that I miss from my previous Sony Ericson cell phone:

  • Video recording (only pictures)
  • French language (auto-completion is english only and it sometimes gets in the way)
  • SMS templates (you always have to write a message from scratch
  • No games! But I guess this will change soon.
  • Bluetooth access (it only supports earphones, so you can’t exchange contacts or access its content from your notebook)
  • Custom ringtones. You have to buy ringtones iTunes, you just can’t take an MP3 and use it as a ringtone.
  • No WAP support. I know, WAP might be dead right now, but it was a great way to have a very light web site.

So at 399$, it is a must for anyone who wants to stay in touch with his or her digital life when on the road.

Refactor my code

Marc-André Cournoyer had a great idea: allow developpers to exchange on pieces of code, in a friendly matter so that everyone can be proud of their piece of code. The web site is called Refactor My Code. Go have a look. You can share your knowledge of Ruby, PHP, Javascript, Java, C, C#, Python, Perl, Lisp and Bash.

I briefly discussed with Marc-André at the last Montreal on Rails gathering and he was really happy that people at helping each others in a friendly manner.

Blog on the go

I love my Nokia n800.  I bought it in Las Vegas last June and I use it almost everyday.  In fact, this post was typed on it using the fullscreen keyboard.

Nokia N800

Anywhere you have a wifi network, you can use it.  You can even install 3rd party applications, something that cannot be done on an iPhone.

I installed Skype and Gizmo so I can do phone calls.  The n800 with earphones and an embedded microphone.

Google Trends

Wow.. amazing. Somedays, I just love Google. I just discovered Google Trends this morning. Check the Ruby on Rails trend. Isn’t that amazing? Now, you see on this graph that the trend is stable for now. I personally thought it would be going up, but hey, that’s just because I LOVE RoR.

RoR Trend

Now what happens if we compare with other web development frameworks? Let’s combine the results with PHP, ASP.Net, Python, Java.

Interesting. Of course, Java is the highest one, followed by PHP. But if you look closely, you’ll notice that they are all going down. Although the new kid on the block (Ruby on Rails) is not as popular as the others, it’s popularity is not declining.

Yesterday, I was looking at Joomla and Drupal. Both open source CMS are getting a lot of attention. But I hear more often about Joomla than Drupal. Let’s see if this reflects in Google Trends! Of course, it does.

Have fun with Google Trends. It might not be scientific bullet-proof statistics, but since we are almost all using Google for our searches, I think we can rely on those facts.


Yup.  It’s time to join the group and have my own blog.  But why?  It takes time to write in a blog.  It’s also like speaking to nobody.  But you know, in the last few years, I found some incredible information in blogs and I think I need to repay the community bu sharing my knowledge.

I will mainly focus on IT stuff, this is my job.  So if you are looking for entertainment news or fun stuff, well, this isn’t the place.

Feel free to drop a comment if you feel the information you got is valuable.

See you soon!