Textmate shortcuts

Oh my god. I finally found the shortcut I was missing for so long: Ctrl-Shift-T. It brings a list of all the methods in the class I’m currently editing. Man, I was dreaming about this feature almost every night. Everyday we learn something, so this is what I learned today (among other things of course!).

By the way, I found this while watching PeepCode’s Textmate Screencast. Lots of interesting screencasts on http://www.peepcode.com. And for free quick and dirty (and very effective) ones: http://www.railscasts.com. If you’ve never looked at those, go there right now! You WILL learn something, garanteed! You can even subscribe to those podcasts in iTunes and have them transferred to your iPod (or iPhone).

That’s it! Long live Textmate! Long live RailsCasts & PeepCode.


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